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Somos una medio digital que busca posicionar la información de forma veraz por medio de plataforma de página web y redes sociales, basándonos en que la dinámica socio cultural está cambiando y debemos actualizar la forma de hacer llegar la noticia y la información a los ciudadanos.


Our mission

Truthful Disclosure

Contribute to the dissemination of news and informative content on various topics, especially political and business

Plurality Above All

With plurality we open the space to the public so that they can give their opinion about their own habitat or about transcendental issues in business and politics.

Under a philosophy of telling the truth, we aim  be a plural, innovative medium in which entrepreneurship is reflected in all its variants.  Our information is varied and is based on three fundamental sectors:


Entrepreneurship and Business

Entertainment and Recreation

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From 01/Jan/2019


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